Our Purpose | Why We Exist

We are the home for Coaches, Teachers and Swim Schools. A place where they belong, connect with others, advance their careers and feel empowered.

Our Value | What we do

Continuous improvement of Coaching and Teaching techniques and methodologies and Swim School operations to enable and inspire all participants and athletes to grow and develop.

Our Promise | How We Deliver

We are a voice for Coaches, Teachers and Swim Schools. We provide valuable resources and opportunities to learn, network and collaborate.


We Act with Integrity

• We treat others with respect – we seek to listen, understand, empathise & constructively respond
• We are inclusive and value diversity of views and perspectives
• We act to build trust in our relationship through owning our behaviour and doing as we say we will do
• We have the courage to tackle difficult situations and conversations to develop ourselves and others

We are stronger together

• We lead from every position
• We collaborate and share information, experience, skills and perspectives
• We communicate with honesty and transparency and at appropriate times
• We support one another – as people, with teams and across teams

We fuel the passion

• We recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of others
• We encourage, motivate and inspire people, empowering others to be the best they can be
• We promote our sport with enthusiasm and positivity, sharing our stories, success and learnings
• We seek balance, look after ourselves and have fun along the way

We achieve ongoing excellence

• We are driven to be the best we can be and continually improve
• We are focused on achieving our vision
• We innovate to explore different approaches and solutions
• We discuss, decide and deliver