Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process whereby someone who thinks they already have sufficient theoretical and practical skills in all or part of a course, accreditation or competency can apply for recognition of this and gain “credits” towards completing a course, accreditation or proving competency. Basically it is a desk audit of evidence.  Please note that third party evidence has far more weight than claims by applicants that cannot be substantiated.

ASCTA Accreditation offers an RPL process for all courses, accreditations and competencies it issues:

  • Swim Australia™ Teacher
  • Swim Australia™ Teacher of Adolescents and Adults
  • Swim Australia™ Teacher of Babies and Toddlers
  • Swim Australia™ Teacher of Competitive Swimming
  • Swim Australia™ Teacher of Learners with a Disability
  • Swim Australia™ Teacher of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
  • Pool Plant Operators

ASCTA Accreditation is required to verify the evidence the applicant needs to provide as part of the process of gaining RPL.  

Holding current ASCTA Membership is a requirement of submitting your RPL Application for approval. To join ASCTA or renew your membership, please click here

Click below to purchase the RPL application and submit your evidence.

ASCTA Accreditation charges the following fees:

$50 Determination Fee + $50 Accreditation Fee ($100 total) – Applicants with equivalent qualifications or evidence (current for 6 months or more)

$50 Determination Fee + $150 Accreditation Fee ($200 total) – Applicants with Swim Australia Teacher accreditation which has been expired for over 3 years. Applicants with expired equivalent qualifications or evidence.